Titanic Slam 2021

Dear friends,

We like running a lot, running in circles, mountains, concrete, sand, swamps, running in snow, in rain, in heat, in storms, in all seasons, in the nights. All of us did many fantastic races, whereby you mostly are pampered with good food, friendly and enthusiastic volunteers, dry and warm checkpoints and sometimes even beds! In order to keep all of us focused on the things that matters in life, we created the next level of running for you/us.

We proudly present the TITANIC SL@M!

Long long ago Maarten and Marek participated in the first edition of the Legends Trail. Somewhere during this Ardennes adventure they talked about the movie ‘the Revenant’, about the scene where Leonardo di Caprio is attacked by a bear and refuses to give up. That’s when LEO180 was born, referring to Leonardo di Caprio. LEO was lonely for a long time, till now. Lately, in Germany close to the Netherlands, Leo’s love rejuvenated by the Zermans Tim and Björn. KATE180 was born, referring to the blockbuster Titanic where Kate survives Leo.

As we all love the movie Titanic, we kept thinking of some more races and added the Duinhopper to the cake. After all the Duinhopper is next to the sea all the time, where the Titanic has its grave. To complete the brilliant story, another challenge had to be added. Tim and Marek discussed some days about a little hill near Coo and in the end agreed on how to use it for a really insane race, The Iceberg, which resulted in the oceans grave of Titanic.

Titanic Sl@m Pieces of Cake

Piece of Cake 1: KATE180, 205k
Piece of Cake 2: Duinhopper, 220k
Piece of Cake 3: LEO180, 220k
Piece of Cake 4: Iceberg, 42 laps of 3,85k and 243D+ in Coo (161.7k, 10.206D+)

The Titanic Sl@m starts in the weekend of Halloween on the 30th of October 2020 and ends on the 29th of October 2021.

You can do the Pieces of Cake whenever you like, but best is of course with your running friends. The first Piece of Cake, KATE180 is already planned on the 30th of October.

The Duinhopper is also planned in January as a race, and officially with DUV. However, it will be fully selfsupporting.

The third and fourth Pieces of Cake are not planned yet.

If you fail to fulfill one of the Pieces of Cake (can’t think of any reason to fail…) you have plenty of time to retry, as there is a year to finish the Titanic Sl@m.

Are you friend enough to join us?

Tim, Maarten, Björn and Marek