LOTR Entrance assignment

Dead Marshes – 208 km

The Dead Marshes were reeking wetlands that lay north-west of the Dagorlad and south-east of the Emyn Muil. The marshes were an endless network of pools and soft mires filled with water-courses, and in the dark waters could be seen the dead from battles of long ago.

This is the first task and will unlock the next level.

After tim Weißbach has finished as first participant he made a few minor changes to make it a bit safer. There are two options. Version 2 for real die hards and version 3 for people who are not comfortable with very steep downhills.

v2 = Deviation at Burg Reinhardtstein – the missing bridge is out – going over the barrage:

v3 = Same as v2 but without the steep downhill: