Marvel Slam 2022 – 766 km

Due to the success of last years Titanic slam, there will be a sequel to it. Acceptnolimits and Pfadsucher have joint their forces again to create a unique and challenging series of events which together form a slam to never forget.

As you read this it means you have access to this page and are hereby invited to take part in the 2022 Marvell Slam. Each of the four routes have their individual characteristics and will challenge you in a different way. This series of events is similar to the Marvel world, a connection that is primarily manifested by events in which one adventure affects other adventures and where all individuals connect to one another.

The four routes have to be done within 48 hours each within the year 2022. For some of them this will be plenty of time, for some it will be a close call to make it in time. The idea is to undertake the routes on your own but suggested is to do it as a group on the same day. In case of a DNF you will have to try again and perhaps you will find yourself alone or with a buddy. For safety reasons we advise you to not to do it on your own. The total distance to be covered is roughly 765 km.

All of the tracks should be recorded with a tracker from Legends Tracking (contact Tim de Vriendt for this). Most of the current participants own their own personal https://www.legendstracking.comtracker. Always good to have one… you are able to upload your own GPX files easily. This makes it easier for support-crews to follow you and of course better for safety reasons.

Or you can use Garmin Connect and Strava to proof your successful finish. After finishing a route successful you send your proof to and your name will be added to the ranking in the Google doc below.

Of course, we don’t have to explain that these 4 projects are fully self-supported and that there will be no support of any kind. But feel free to organize support from friends & family or hide your own stash in advance. The routes are designed in a way that you pass enough refill options like bars, water supplies, etc and you should be able to manage with the stuff you could carry in your racevest. But you might think of a water filter just to be sure. Than of course you should have enough experience to know what it takes to complete the mission.

If you are really interested in taking part in this series of events there is a little extra catch to it. In order to take part and get your name on the participants list send an E-mail to stating your name, phone number, Email address for correspondence, and your DUV ID which are the last digits of the URL or just send the whole URL as shown here:
You will then be asked to wire 30 Euros to a bank account. These 30 Euros will held until the end of 2022 when the Marvel slam is over. We will distribute the amount amongst the participants who have succeeded in finishing all four routes within 2022 or the finishers together decide that the whole amount will be donated to some charity of their choosing.

As mentioned above you will need to show proof that you have finished in 48 hours each and that you have followed the route as is. Any deviations from the course which don’t make sence and it will not count; no room for discussion on that.

Keep in mind that minor changes could be made to the routes if needed. This will be mentioned in the Facebook group and on the GPX page.

Your personal data will only be stored for the duration of the event, will not be used for anything else, will not be shared with anyone and will be deleted afterwords.

For best weather predictions check Meteoblue.

Safety First
As you know there is no organization of any kind and we only provide you with the right ingredients in the form of GPX files for unforgettable adventures. Some parts of the tracks are not even checked 100% by us and you might run into unforeseen obstacles and circumstances. In case you really run into an unforeseen situation where it would be impossible or unwise to continue than rely on your own judgment for what to do and how to take a detour around this part. In the case you should deviate from the route make pictures of the circumstances and send it together with a description to so we can look into it. During the hunting season you might run into situations where it would be unwise to go thru certain parts as well. These hunting areas should always be indicated by signs with a date stating when there will be hunted. Usually these are yellow or red signs nailed against trees and poles. Understand that everything is at your own risk and you should always consider your safety first and respect local authorities and private owned property and never get into discussions. Remember you are a guest in the area.

Facebook group where you can communicate with your fellow travelers.
Keep an eye on this group and feel free to share whatever you want regarding the slam. In case of changes to the routes due to whatever reason it will be posted here as well.

Participants and their progress:

A description and link to the routes:

Nightcrawler – 201 km

This is our tribute to the L’Ourthe, the place we feel home at most. The route starts halfway Barrage de Nisramont and leads you to the Eastern spring of the river. From there you follow the river back to where it connects with the Western part up to the spring of the Western L’Ourthe. As the name indicates you will be crawling… crawling up and down the one and only L’Ourthe. The river most of us know from previous races or personal undertakings and especially from the Legends Series. All of us have a love-hate relationship with this river and its riverbed where in the many years of our trailrunning existence we all had to crawl over and under fallen trees, crawl through the snow and mud, climbing rocks and that often under winterish conditions where it was impossible to keep your feet dry.

When you get to the the Eastern spring, you just turn around and follow your track back till the spring of the Western L’Ourthe again. This way you will not miss any part of the river and experience it from a different perspective.

According to Garmin Connect this 201 km route has a total of 2.207 mtrs of elevation.


Racereport Tim Weißbach:

Racereport Lander Debrabandere:

Mystique – 202 km

The Mystique is mysterious in its own way. Each of the three loops will bring you back to the starting point and will make it more difficult to continue again and again. The Route will take you through the German part of the Eifel which is known for its beautiful scenery with rolling hills, steep climbs, many vineyards, rocky paths and even climbs around Altenahr where you need your hands and feet to climb the ridges. Maybe you will see a glimpse of the devil himself when you look through the devil’s eye.

According to Garmin Connect this 200 km route has a total of 3.520 mtrs of elevation.

It might be handy to use your car for resupplying after each loop.


Raceverslag Lander Debrabandere:

The Dark World – 161 km

Many centuries ago, Odin’s father defeated a dark elf who together with its minions retired into a deep sleep waiting for a change to strike back. The story goes that they are hiding in the darker parts of the swamps of Haut Fagnes where it’s always foggy, cold, wet and where there is sometimes even Darkness at Noon. The Lion statue at Lac de la Gileppe is one of the last known guards that reminds us to this era and he’s is still watching out for the dark elf and his minions.

Before you get to the Lion’s Head you will have to fight your way through the desolate scenery of the Darkness at Noon route following the Three Rivers of Pain route where many people have vanished over the centuries.

According to Garmin Connect this 161 km route has a total of 2.028 mtrs of elevation. It might not be much but it will definitely be one of the more demanding undertakings you have ever done.

It might be handy to use your car for resupplying after each loop. Start/finish of each loop is at Baraque Michel where there is a restaurant with a few hotelrooms (check for availability). This is your place to get comfortable in the very uncomfortable and desolate environment of Haut Fagnes.


Irene Kinnegim created a short video teaser of the first loop. It gives you a nice insight of what’s waiting for you…

Racereport Maarten Schön:

Racereport Lander Debrabandere:

Video from Erik Kemper:

The Wolverine – 201 km

A wolf invasion is striking the Namen area in Belgium because there is a simultaneous supply from the South and a supply from the East. That proves that Belgium is now really well on its way to becoming the wolf crossroads of Europe. Wolves from the Southern European population, mountain wolves, meet their counterparts from the Eastern European population, the lowland wolves, here for the first time in centuries.

The Wolverine will take you through the most beautiful areas around Namur, the area where these two wolf populations meet again after more than 200 years of separation. The number of wolverines is growing and therefor the pack.

According to Garmin Connect this 201 km route has a total of 3.000 mtrs of elevation. Not that many but do not let this trick you… you will feel train wreck after all! Don’t forget your headlight because you will be needing it even during the day as you will be going thru dark abandoned tunnels.


Racereport Marek Vis:

Racereport Lander Debrabandere: